Privacy and Security Policies


These are two of the most important issues on the internet right now. While e-mail is a great tool many people are regularly bothered by SPAM which is unsolicited e-mail. If you've ever received an e-mail with a subject heading like "Forward this to ten friends and make $500" or "Make $50,000 in 90 days" from someone you've never heard of, you know what I mean.

Surf22 Hosting respects your privacy. Any information you provide is strictly for internal use. We do not sell or trade any of the information we receive, particularly e-mail addresses. Our newsletters is strictly "opt-in", if you don't request it you won't get it. Any e-mails you do receive from us have clearly marked opt-out (don't bug me) instructions. 

All the information we receive is not stored on our server and as such can not be accessed by third parties. It is guaranteed secure and private. If you have questions concerning any of these issues please don't hesitate to contact us.

Surf22 Hosting doesn't handle any credit card numbers directly. If you sign up for our marketing packages the charges are processed by a separate company specializing in credit card transactions. ClickBank is one of the largest credit card processing companies on the Internet with thousands of customers. They handle all billing inquiries as we never even see your card number. The ClickBank privacy policy can be found here. We now also accept payment via Paypal, their privacy policy can be found here.

Let's make the Internet a better place for all so we can surf in peace.

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