Web Site Hosting Features: Quaranteen


This product will help you to prevent emails with potentially harmful attachments from reaching your computers. It can be configured to filter out emails that include attachments with any file extension. Quaranteen can be a huge help in preventing unsuspecting and downloading viruses.

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  • 'Turn On Quaranteen'

    • When 'Turn On Quaranteen' is checked, one of four things will happen to an e-mail. First, if the e-mail has an attachment that could be executed on Windows, then the program will rename the attachment. This e-mail will arrive at its regular destination. Second, if the name of an attachment matches the name of a very well known virus in the virus database, then the attachment will be renamed and the e-mail will be placed in the 'Emails with known issues' file. Third, the 'Blocked extensions' feature explained below will be activated. Four, if the e-mail does not match any of the conditions above, then the e-mail will remain unchanged and will arrive at its regular destination.

      • NOTE: After reviewing the attachment and deeming it safe, you may rename the file to it's former name to run it.

    • NOTE: To change the setting, check or uncheck, and then click on 'Save Settings'.

  • Enter extensions of attachments to be blocked ( For example: exe,doc )

    • Enter a filename extension, click on 'Add Blocked', and then click on 'Save Settings' to add that extension to the Blocked Extensions list.

  • Blocked extensions

    • Any e-mail with an attachment that ends in an extension listed here will be stored in the 'Emails with known issues' file and a warning will be sent to the administrator's e-mail address. Select one or more of the extensions, click on 'Remove Block', and then click on 'Save Settings' to remove them from the list.

  • Enter administrator's e-mail address

    • When the program determines that an e-mail is problematic, it will send a warning message to this address.

  • Emails with known issues will be stored to file

    • When the program determines that an e-mail is problematic, it will store that e-mail in this file.

    • To change the name of the file, you need to highlight the text in the field, enter the new filename, and then click on 'Save Settings'. You can also indicate directories. The directories and filename must be made up of alpha characters, the underscore, or the dash. No other special character can be used, e.g., the period. Once you make the change, make sure to click on 'Save Settings'.

      • Valid Examples:

        • virus_mail

        • mail/virus_mail

      • Invalid Examples:

        • domain-mail/virus_mail.txt

        • mail/virus.txt

  • To empty the contents of the file, click on the 'Empty' link.

  • HINT: You can store e-mails that the program has determined to be problematic to your -mail directory, and then create a user in your mail manager that matches the name of the 'Emails with known issues' file. This will allow you to retrieve an e-mail that you know is not problematic.

  • Select security level

    • Select the level of tolerance the program uses to determine whether an e-mail is problematic. To change this, click on the menu, select the level, and then click on 'Save Settings'. Please note that this program does not offer full virus protection. For protection against viruses, it will be necessary to acquire a virus protection program for your mail client.

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