Web Site Hosting Features: Network Query Manager



This tool is a one-stop solution for getting information about a domain or IP address. The Network Query Manager can perform the following functions when installed on your domain:

Resolve/ Reverse lookup

converts an IP to a hostname (if one exists) or vice versa.

Get DNS Records

converts a hostname to an IP, and may display additional information, depending on the domain entered.

Whois (WWW)

gets domain registration information. Supports .com, .net, .org, .edu, .name, .info, .us, .cc, .ws, .biz.

Whois (IP)

gets IP owner information. Supports all IP blocks maintained by ARIN (US), RIPE (Europe), JPNIC (Japan), APNIC (China/Asia-Pacific), and REG-BR (Brazil).

Check port

determines whether a port on the target host is open. The default is port 80.

Traceroute to host

traces and times the route between your domain and the address you specify.

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To access the Network Query Manager:

Click the Network Query Manager icon in your Control Panel.

To install the Network Query Manager:

Click Install Network Query Software from the Network Query Manager. A confirmation page will display, informing you that your request will be completed within ten minutes.

To access a description of what the Network Query Tool can do:

Click Instructions and Documentation.

The Network Quey Manager is included in all our hosting packages.