Web Site Hosting Features: NetBuilder


NetBuilder is a full-featured web-based database management program, NetBuilder was designed to allow you to administer, manipulate, and search on your data from a web based interface.

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Once you have installed NetBuilder through the Control Panel, you may login to start using this tool.

**Please Note**
The password to NetBuilder is the same as your database password, and in most cases, your Control Panel password. To change the NetBuilder Password, you will need to use the "Change Password" icon in your Control Panel and choose the "Change Database Password" option.

Once you have successfully logged into NetBuilder, you will have the option to start creating reports, building queries, editing tables, and working with an SQL writer.
The Complete Userís Guide for NetBuilder is in PDF Format on the NetBuilder site itself. Once you have logged in to NetBuilder through your Control Panel, choose the "Net Builder User Guide" in the main menu.


NetBuilder is included in all our hosting packages