Web Site Hosting Features: MX Logic



MX Logic protects all the mailboxes in your domain from Electronic Message Threats
(EMT) such as virus or worms, spam mails, inappropriate content, dangerous
attachments, phishing (fraud), Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

MX Logic incorporates the EMT Interdiction (EMTi) for protecting a mailbox. Interdiction
allows only good emails to reach your mailbox. You can specify the EMT definition and
policies as strict or sensitive from the MX Logic site.

MX Logic application is a part of our Control Panel. You can access the MX Logic
application from the Web Mail or the Mail Manager interface.

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To install MX Logic from the Control Panel page:

  1. Access the Control Panel page.

  2. Click the MX Logic icon in the Mail section. The MX Logic page is displayed.

  3. Click the Purchase link on the MX Logic page. The Order page is displayed. The Order page lists the domain name, primary IP, and server time details.

  4. Click the Order button. The Order Confirmation page is displayed. This page displays the order details such as type of unit, number of units, period fee, setup fee, grand total details, and next payment due date.

  5. Click the Confirm Order button. A message for confirming the order is displayed.

  6. Click the OK button. If the request is submitted successfully, the Setup of MX Logic is pending for your domain message is displayed.

Note: If the installation request is submitted successful, the Mail Manager interface displays the Check Setup Status and Cancel buttons. The Web Mail interface is updated
only when the installation process is completed.

You will be billed $1.99/per mailbox in your mail manager. You can create aliases via the MX Logic site that will not be billed monthly.

After MX Logic is added to your domain, you can modify the filters from the MX Logic site.
The filters specify the level of protection to be provided by MX Logic for your mailbox.

MX Logic is available for $1.99/mailbox with all our hosting packages