Web Site Hosting Features: Web Site Guest Book


A guest book is a web page that allows visitors to your site to post comments to you and to other visitors. This is a good tool to collect testimonials and customer feedback.

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Installation of the Guestbook

You need to first install the guest book from your Control panel. Click the Guest Book icon and then choose a password and enter the Admin email address of your choice. You can choose to receive email notification when someone signs the guestbook.
The link to the guestbook is http://YourDomainName/guestbook/guestbook.html

How to sign the Guestbook:

To sign the guestbook, click the 'Sign the Guestbook' link. Enter your information into the text fields. Fields with an asterisk are required. Click the 'Sign Book' button.


To delete a post, click the 'Administration' link. Enter your admin password and click the 'Submit' button. Check the ID next to the post you want to delete. Enter your admin password above, and click the 'Submit' button.

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