Web Site Hosting Features: FrontPage Extensions


To be able to use the full range of utilities offered by FrontPage you need to have the extensions installed by your web host.

With all our hosting packages you have the option to install the FrontPage extensions on your domain. This means if you use Microsoft FrontPage to create your site you will be able to make use of the full range of features offered with this software.

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How To Install Microsoft FrontPage Extensions:

  1. From the Control Panel, select the MS FrontPage icon.

  2. Press the Install FrontPage button.

  3. A message will appear indicating the extensions will be installed within approximately ten minutes.

To verify the FrontPage Extensions installation, select the Verify button. A test will be run and a message will appear indicating the extensions have been installed.

To remove the FrontPage Extensions, select the Remove FrontPage Extensions button. A message will appear indicating the extensions will be removed within approximately ten minutes.

Warning: Turning on Microsoft FrontPage extensions disables utilities in the Control Panel. When you enable FrontPage extensions, you are telling the server that FrontPage will perform certain functions rather than the Control Panel Options. These options include:

Site Creation Tool
Redirect URL
Mime Types
Protect Directories

Publishing with Microsoft FrontPage

After creating your pages on your computer you are then ready to upload them to the Internet to make them available for viewing online.

  1. Open FrontPage and open the Web that contains your site

  2. From the top menu select File, then Publish

  3. You'll need to specify the location to publish your web to, enter it as http://yourdomain.com

  4. You'll be prompted for your user name and password.

  5. FrontPage will then transfer your files to your Internet where they will be live for viewing immediately

Warning! If you have the FrontPage extensions installed you must never publish your site using ftp, it may damage the extensions.


Additional information on using Microsoft FrontPage can be found on the Microsoft web site.

Frontpage Extensions are included in all our hosting packages