Web Site Hosting Features: Free FormMail Script


While you can use a CGI script to run a form, or use software like Microsoft FrontPage to run forms for you this can be overwhelming for a beginner. To simplify the task we include the free Formmail script to get you started.

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Simply choose the Formmail icon from the Control Panel and follow the instructions.

The form action line should be

<form method="POST" action="/cgi-sys/formmail.pl">

Notice that the path is cgi-sys.  This is the path to our universal cgi-bin which holds the formmail.pl script.

formmail.pl will do all the programming work for you. You alter the behavior of formmail by using hidden fields in your form.

There is only one form field that you must have in your form for FormMail to work correctly. This is the recipient field.

<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="username@yourdomain.com">

The formmail script is included in all our hosting packages