Web Site Hosting Features: CGI Hosting - Your Own CGI Bin


One of the most frustrating experiences for new web masters is joining a cheap hosting company and then as their knowledge grows and they decide to start making their website more interactive they want to want use CGI scripting only to learn it isn't available or there are additional set-up costs.

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Note: Scripts used to send Spam, set up Telnet access or any other script in breach of our server policy will result in your account being put on hold or terminated.

You can access your CGI-bin using the following steps:

  1. Choose the File Manager icon from the Control panel. 

  2. Choose the last folder, WWW

  3. You will then see your CGI bin which you can click on to access

Setting the permissions and file paths is the complicated part for CGI script installation and is only recommended for reasonably experienced webmasters. Fortunately our File Manager makes it easier. Here are the steps you'll need to follow:

  1. Upload the script and any related files to the CGI bin. You do this by accessing the CGI Bin and using the last feature on the page, simply browse to the file on your hard drive and click upload:
    Send this file (max size 10240K):

  2. Double click the script to open it and edit the first line to read:

  3. Change the permissions to rwx r-x r-x (click the file permission and change to the following):




s    r    w   x   

s    r    w    x   

t    r    w    x   

You should then be able to run your script. Here are other paths you may need:

Our server path to perl is /usr/local/bin/perl
server path to sendmail is /usr/lib/sendmail
and server path to date is: /bin/date

A CGI-bin is included in all our hosting packages.