Web Site Hosting Features: Archive Manager



The Archive Manager allows you to compress and/ or extract any files from your home directory. For example, if you have a number of files that you wish to backup, you may select all the files, then create a backup file that contains all of them in a compressed format.

Backups are an important precaution against loss or corruption of your files. If something happens to your domain, you may use these files to restore it to its original state. We advise that you store an extra copy of your backup off-network, just in case. Backups may also be used for archival purposes.

Note: The compressed file will count against your disk quota.

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To Compress a Script:

1) Click on the directory or directories, file or files, you would like to compress (do this by clicking in the check box next to the script).
2) Click on compress.
3) Choose the name you would like for the archive. (Do not include the extension)
4) Choose the compression format either the Unix (tar) or Windows (WinZip Compatible).

To Extract a Script:

1) Choose the script to extract (do this by clicking in the check box next to the script).
2) Click on Extract.

Archive Manager is included in all our hosting packages.