Web Site Hosting Features: Account Manager



The Account Management option allows you manage all the information pertaining to your account. This page displays the details of your account, package, resource, and billing information. You may also manage alarms and determine your invoice delivery format.

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The Account Information section lists your basic user and account information:

User Name
The username you use to long into the Control Panel.

Your Control Panelís current status. Generally, this is Normal, but can also be Grace Period or Suspended. Grace Period means that payment for your domain is late, but your hosting provider has given you a grace period to settle the outstanding account before your account is Suspended.

The base package of your domain. Your package determines the options available to you in your Control Panel.

Activation Date
The date the Control Panel was created.

Your domain name.

Home Directory Path
The path you will access if you log-in to your domain via SSH or FTP.

IP address
The numerical internet address of your domain.

Hosting Server
The server your domain resides on.

Package Information
This is information specific to your package(s).

Package Name
The name of the package. Control Panel packages generally begin with BASE. Optional packages may begin with other characters.

Contract Length
The length of the package contract, in months.

Start Date
The date the package was activated on your Control Panel.

Next Due Date
Your next billing date for the package.

The percentage discount you received when you signed up for the package, if any.

Resource Information
This section discusses your accountís used and available resources.

Disk Quota
The amount of space your domain my occupy on the server.

The number of POP and IMAP email accounts you may create.

The amount of data that may pass in and out of your domain during a 30-day period.

Billing Information

Your name.

Contract Length
The length of your Control Panel contract.

Last Billing
The due date of your last payment.

Next Billing
The due date of your next payment.

Payment Terms
Your payment method.

Invoice Delivery
The manner in which you receive your invoices.

Edit Alarm Limit
Request an email notice when your total data transfer, disk space, or database space exceed certain limits, which you determine. A confirmation appears at the top of the screen when you click Submit.

To change the Alarm Limit Notification:

  1. Enter the new usage level at which you will to be notified if your account exceeds, or enter zero if you would not like to be notified.

  2. Select whether you would like to be notified by email or not alerted.

  3. Click Submit.

Invoice Delivery Format
Invoice Delivery Format Determine the manner in which your invoices will be delivered.

To change the invoice delivery format:

  1. Select the radio button beside the method of delivery you would like (HTML or Text).

  2. Click Submit.

Editing Personal Information
To edit your personal information:

  1. Click the Edit Personal Information link at the bottom of the Account Management page.

  2. Edit the fields you wish to change.

    • Start Date

    • Personal Information

    • Billing Information

  3. Click Submit. A confirmation page will be displayed.

The Account Manager is included in all our hosting packages.