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AWStats is a web analytics reporting tool, used for analyzing data from Internet services. AWStats analyzes server log files and produces html reports. In AWStats, data is graphically presented in easy to read web pages.

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AWStats User Interface- an Overview



Reportís list section Display a list of reports that can be viewed from AWStats.
Reporting period section You can set the time period of the reports that should be displayed in the detailed report section.
Summary section You can view the summary of all the reports.
Detailed report section You can view a detailed report of a report that is selected in the Report list section.

Reports in AWStats

AWStats provides the following reports about your web site usage:

  • Number of visits and number of unique visitors

  • Visit duration and latest visits

  • Authenticated users and latest authenticated visits

  • Usage by months, days of the week, and hours in a day

  • Domains/countries of visitor's hosts

  • Host list, latest visits, and unresolved IP address(es) list

  • Most viewed, Entry, and Exit pages

  • Most commonly requested File types

  • Web compression statistics

  • Visitor browsers

  • Visitor operating systems

  • Robot visits, including search engine crawlers

  • Search engines, keywords and phrases used to find your site

  • HTTP errors

  • Number of times your site is added to Bookmarks / Favorites

  • Ratio of integrated browser support for: Java, Flash, Real G2 player, Quicktime reader, PDF reader, and WMA reader

These reports are categorized into the following sections:

  • When

  • Who

  • Navigation

  • Referrers

  • Others

A summary of the reports for a selected period is displayed in the Summary section. To view detailed reports, click the link of the corresponding report from the Reports lists section. The detailed report is displayed in the Detailed report section.

Viewing reports for a specific period

The following steps enable you to specify a time period for a report:

To specify a time period for a report:

  1. Access the home page for AWStats.

  2. Select the month and year of the reporting period, for which you want to view your reports from the Reporting period section.

  3. Click the OK button. The time period is set and the reports for the selected reporting period are displayed in the Detailed report section.

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